Doctoral Thesis: A computer simulation system for design studies of a reseau scanner with linear array CCDs Author: Schaeffler, Jodok Written in: English Keywords: Optische Nachrichtentechnik; computer; simulation; scanner Abstract: Digital image information is a data source of ever increasing importance. Most of the sources of image information are still analog in nature. Scanners are means to convert analogimage documents into digital data. Geometric resolution and accuracy of such scanning devices are of particular interest in photogrammetric applications. These requirements canbe fulfilled with the use of a known reference image, the reseau, which is a way to replace mechanical accuracy with software-functionality. This work investigates the design aspectsof a reseau scanner with separated reseau and production image system. A computer simulation system, which is based on the mathematical model of the reseau system, has beendeveloped and is used for the investigation of possible designs of the reseau system. The results show that the achievable accuracy depends on the number of observations includedinto the bundle adjustment process, which can be controlled by the chosen design. In contrast to that, the correlation between orientation parameters turned out to be system-immanent and therefore can hardly be influenced by a design- decision. External information not included in the reseau image is needed in order to achieve a completeseparation of the correlated orientation parameters.Advisor(s): Leberl, Franz; Kappe, Frank TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY GRAZ, Faculty of: 500 / Technisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultšt