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New Results and New Trends in Computer Science
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 New Results and New Trends in Computer Science

 Datum 1991-06-20 (1991-06-21)
 Ort Graz
 Organisator IICM, WIFI
 Land Österreich

Liste der Vorträge  

Vortrag Vortragender Am
2-Structures Rozenberg Grcegorcz 1991-06-21
A Randomized Algorithm for Computing Minimal Enclosing Disks Welzl Emo 1991-06-20
A Triangulation of the Sphere with no Traverse Stone Mike G. 1991-06-20
Cryptographic Protocols for Elections in Computer Networks Salomaa Arto 1991-06-20
Current Trends in Distributed Systems Müller Günter 1991-06-21
How to Find the Minimum Spanning Tree in Practice Shapiro Henry D. 1991-06-20
Hypermedia Tomek Ivan 1991-06-20
Intelligent Agents in Large Computer Systems Norrie Douglas 1991-06-21
Let the Fingers do the Walking: Object Manipulaiton in an N F² - Database Editor Wegner Lutz Michael 1991-06-21
Machine Learning is Theory Compression Witten Ian 1991-06-21
Measures of Disorder, Sorting and Worst-Cases Wood Derick 1991-06-20
New Algorithms and Approaches for 1-Dimensional Layout Compaction Hambrusch Susanne E. 1991-06-20
New Methods for Image Generation and Compression Culik II Karel 1991-06-21
Optimal Triangulations with Length Constraints Edelsbrunner Herbert 1991-06-21
Professional Training on Human-Computer Interaction Preece Jennifer J. 1991-06-20
Query Processing in Spatial Database Systems Kriegel Hans-Peter 1991-06-21
The First Computer Williams Michael R. 1991-06-20
The New Paradigm of Informatics Brauer Wilfried 1991-06-21
The Role of Visualisation in Understanding Data Domik Gitta 1991-06-20
The Zone Theorem for Arrangements of Hyperplanes Seidel Raimund 1991-06-21
Trees Ottmann Thomas 1991-06-21
User Interface Development: Problems and Experiences Six Hans-Werner 1991-06-20
Virtual Text and New Habits of Mind Carlson Patricia Ann 1991-06-20
What is all the Fuss about Neural Networks Barth Gerhard 1991-06-21

Liste der Publikationen  

Publikation Autor
New Results and New Trends in Computer Science (Ed.) Maurer Hermann

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