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Best of IIG News Alternative Program  
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Best of IIG News Alternative Program

Since the annual institute outing had always caused discussions, the staff agreed on an

"Alternative Program"

1) Departure Graz / Schießstattgasse (one person on time);
8:30 breakfast in front of Auer's bakery with the city traffic jam
2) 10:10- 10:11 short stop at Eisenerz for a quick side step
3) 11:06- 11:53 selling MUPIDs in the mountains (if the weather is fine, the participants can have a jump on a mountain goat - provided there are any)
4) 12:22- 13:43 supper in the tavern of the Admont Convent
5) 14:02- 14:55 taking a nap in the convent (the library seems to be the right place since there is plenty of reading material and pillows)
6) 14:56- 15:46 breakfast in Röthelstein Castle
7) 16:00- 16:01 witching hour in the knights' hall, exactly eight hours too early
8) 16.02- 17:14 trying to escape from the castle which, however, is impossible since all doors remain locked until 2016 pages are edited on MUPID
9) 17:42- 20:35 pleasant smoking in the smoke kitchen of the castle
10) 22:47 Arrival in Graz
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