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Best of IIG News Types Working at the Institute  
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Best of IIG News Types Working at the Institute

In December 1985 J.K.Stögerer tried to characterize the various

"Types working at the Institute"

Type 1: The Workoholics

... Furthermore it is obvious that with this dilligence basic human needs such as eating and sleeping are highly annoying matters. Whereas the problem of food consumption could be drastically defused by the consumption of m cigarettes and n cups of coffee (m»n), the question of the sometimes necessary but ineffective sleeping time can be regarded as completely solved ...

Type 2 : The Gambler

... It all started off very innocently under the cover of pseudo-science. Chess and Go were introduced ...
... However, for some people the disturbing factor of this desease might have been the fact that the games were played on a rival devices (Apple) exclusively ...
... While the undermining of working morale could be stopped by appropriate measures (removal of the devices), the gambler connection struck the next blow: many games were installed on MUPID, in order to invalidate the argument "rival device" ...

Type 3: The Dandy

... It is a fact that this type has become very rare, and some people think that he can only be found during the recovering stages of Type 1. This is revealed by his outward appearance: unshaved, without characteristic features such as leather tie, Lacoste or Fiorucci polo shirts, ...
... Anyway, it is said that an exclamation of a female member of the institute ("Most of them don't even realize that there are women in this world!") has caused Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund to put this type on the list of endangered species.

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