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Best of IIG-News (IIG-News wurden von 1984 bis 1986 veröffentlicht) 
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Best of IIG-News

It all started in 1984, when a group of energetic members of the institute decided to publish the first edition of the IIG-News. MUPID 2 had already been born, and so there was at last some time left for writing about other important events.

The first few editions were pretty thin, which made the despairing editor issue heart-rending appeals for contributions. The only person to write regularly from the very beginning was Professor Maurer (obviously the only member of the institute with enough time on his hands to write articles for this pamphlet!).

A Typical Working Day 
A Ministry and a Black Hole 
Once upon a Time 
Program Description 
Alternative Program 
Why am I here? 
Types Working at the Institute 
Night Prayer 
10 The House in the Shoot-Instead-of-Street 

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